Acupuncture and Integrative / Holistic Medicine Treatments


Treatment for various types of headaches

Mental Disorders

Depression, low mood, difficult and over thinking, inability to relax, stress, adrenal fatigue, anxiety


Chronic and seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis, skin allergies


Acupuncture has been show to be an effective treatment for migraines and headaches

Women’s Health

Menstrual disorders, infertility, difficult pregnancy,  menopause symptoms, PCOS, fibroids.



Clicking jaw, difficult chewing, sore jaw, dental pain, tooth ache

Digestive Illness

Chronic constipation, diarrhea, acid re-flux,  colitis, ulcers,  indigestion

Pain Management

Low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, post orthopedic pain, joint pain.


Sleep Disorders

Insomnia, restless sleep, and other sleep disorders

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