Diet Therapy

Dietary change is an integral component of the journey to health and well-being. Like most Westerners people were raised to eat fast food, large amounts of sugar, refined carbohydrates, and whatever else tasted good, with little regard for nutritional value or dietary balance. Some people get away with these habits for a large portion of their lives until one day they are diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, obesity (three of the top health issues facing Americans), or worse. Poor diet may also be problematic for other reasons.

Many people visit our acupuncture clinic for the treatment of lower back, leg, knee, and ankle pain. Nearly 40% of these clients have excess weight that is contributing to their condition. Sometimes, acupuncture alone is not enough to help these patients. They are able to obtain relief for several days following treatment, only to find the pain return. The good news for these clients is that acupuncture is known to be an effective tool for assisting with weight loss due to specific effects upon the hypothalamus. After dietary adjustment and a course of acupuncture therapy, many people find a reduction or elimination of pain and a renewed sense of well-being they haven’t felt in years.

We understand that dietary change can be difficult for some people. The important thing is to always meet yourself right where YOU are in the process. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes success requires many attempts. If you truly desire better overall health and energy, you will gain strength and soon you will find it hard to believe that you knew any other way.
When meeting a new patient our acupuncturist spends up to two hours with them. One of the main reasons for this time is to gain a clear understanding of the lifestyle habits (both physical and emotional) of an individual in order to achieve a proper diagnosis, administer treatment, and offer dietary recommendations. I need to know the whole you, not just the part that hurts or your medical doctor’s diagnosis.

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