Herbal Medicine

The ancient Chinese knew that all humans, plants, and animals exist in a natural state of balance. Medicine was what grew and lived around them. In fact, herbal therapy is known as one of the earliest developments of Chinese Medicine. Documents regarding its use date back nearly 5,000 years.
Today, half of all Americans take at least one pharmaceutical drug, and 74% of doctor’s visits result in a written prescription. Did you know that most of these drugs were derived from substances found in nature?
By isolating compounds and creating drugs, scientists modify the healing effects of plants and other substances. Sometimes this is beneficial and the result is a powerful, life-saving medication. Unfortunately, this change often leads to unnecessary dangers and side-effects. Is chemical isolation warranted? Sometimes, yes. However, more often the answer is no. By using plants and other substances in their natural state we can benefit from the power of nature and the symbiotic relationship that we have with our environment.
My intention is not to demonize prescription drug therapy. It has saved my life on numerous occasions. We’ve all taken antibiotics, right? I wish only to provide information regarding other available options that often carry less risk and contain the very same, or comparatively effective, substances. Why do drug manufacturers isolate these compounds? The truth is you can not own a patent on a natural substance. By isolating specific chemical structures companies own the medication, control the distribution, and set the price. The global pharmaceutical market value is expected to grow to $975 billion by the year 2013.
In many states, including California, a Licensed Acupuncturist is also a skillfully trained, certified herbalist. Your acupuncturist may prescribe an herbal formula specifically designed for your body and condition. The result is a highly precise mechanism for healing that can correct internal imbalances and treat most common ailments and disease without the use of dangerous drugs and their unnecessary side-effects. Natural medicine belongs to each and every one of us. It is within ourselves, the plants and other substances of the world that we find incredible healing power.

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