• Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Are you one of the millions of individuals who suffers from pain every day?  You can have your life back!  Recognized by top hospitals around the world, Acupuncture is considered one of the most effective non-drug treatments for muscle, joint, and nerve pain.


Pain Treatment Fort Bragg Acupuncture


Acupuncture is effective:

  • Many studies have shown acupuncture treatment to be as effective or more so than drugs at relieving certain types of pain.  In fact, Low back pain is the #1 reason that people in the United States seek the help of an acupuncturist.  One of the most common conditions seen here at Coast Family Acupuncture is low back pain with pain affecting the sciatic nerve.  In addition to low back pain, sciatica, and piriformis syndrome (sometimes mistaken for sciatica) we also treat joint pain, nerve pain (neuropathy), muscular pain, headache and migraine, symptoms of menopause, menstrual pains, and more.


Acupuncture is safe:

  • Unlike drug treatments, surgery, and nerve block injections, acupuncture treatment is low risk and has nearly zero side-effect.  While thousands of deaths and addictions continue to occur each year from the use of narcotics, acupuncture treatment is non-addictive, and gets to the root of the problem, rather than masking it


Acupuncture is holistic (it works WITH your body):

  • Pain is the body's way of telling us that something is wrong.  When we take a "pain killing" medication, we are literally silencing the messenger.  This approach only covers up the problem for a short while (often just a few hours).  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine aims to find the root of the problem and treat the whole body in order to effect change.  Pain is often due to a lack of blood flow, inflammation, or a problem within the nervous system itself (like a pinched nerve or neuropathy).  Rather than "killing" the messenger, acupuncture treats the whole body because:


  • Acupuncture Regulates Blood Flow - helping the body send blood to targeted problem areas
    •  Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrient to help the body create new tissue and heal.
    • White blood cells help reduce inflammation.
  • Acupuncture Regulates the Nervous System
    • Our nervous system is an electrical system.  Acupuncture helps to facilitate movement.
  • Acupuncture has Effects on the Endocrine System
    • Hormone regulation
  • Acupuncture Stimulates the Body's Own Natural Pain Relieving Chemicals
    • Most people feel very relaxed during and after acupuncture treatment.  By helping the body relax, the body is better able to heal.


Although most people find us because they are searching for an Acupuncturist, acupuncture is only one piece of the time-tested system of Chinese Medicine.

In addition to acupuncture our Fort Bragg, CA Acupuncturist Jason Moore, L.Ac. incorporates many other aspects of Chinese Medicine to treat pain and other issues.  Other therapies available include cupping, gua sha, diet therapy, lifestyle coaching, and herbal remedies.

Jason has been a student and practitioner of Chinese Medicine for over a decade and is dedicated to helping you find and maintain health, naturally.  Jason is a holistic health and pain management specialist and he is ready to serve your needs.


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